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Green Smoothies and How to Get Your Kids to Drink Them #SmoothieWorld

Green Smoothies and How to Get Your Kids to Drink Them #SmoothieWorld

Green Smoothies and How to Get Your Kids to Drink Them

Smoothies are making such a huge difference in my life, I can't help but to share it with others - they're painless to prepare, taste extraordinary, and the overall health benefits are really exceptional. Nevertheless, I'm met with the exact same hesitancy when talking to someone, wanting to get him or her to experience one; they are reluctant mainly because they are evaluating the way the smoothie looks with their eyes; they have a look at the green color and politely decline my invitation to try one.

I really can't blame them, as soon as started with the smoothie lifestyle over a year ago, I looked at my healthy drinks and thought they looked nauseating - despite the undeniable fact that they sure have a fantastic flavor. Most of us do, nonetheless, eat with our eyes before anything enters our mouth. So it's common that your children will can look at a smoothie and not really be joyful about the color. I suppose it seems too reminiscent of the green vegetables that you are constantly encourage them to eat.

With that said, here are a few hints I've found to get the green smoothies to look as wonderful as they taste.

First, the flavor needs to be amazing, and that normally means it's got to have a great sweet flavor as well as no hint of vegetable flavor in any way. Choose vegetables including kale, cucumber, spinach, and collards which are normally milder tasting. Keep away from stuff like celery, lettuce, and beets. A small portion of those might easily overtake the flavor of a smoothie recipe, even with fruit included.

You can add raw, natural honey. Make certain that the honey is raw (unprocessed) which means stay away from most of the honey sold in a large number of food markets. It's been cooked and the live enzymes within wiped out. Honey is loaded with a wide variety of healthy advantages, particularly if you have allergy sufferers in the home.

Stevia, a natural and organic sweetener that is native to South America, can also be added to a smoothie to enhance the sweetness of the drink. It consists of zero calories or side-effects. Natives there have been using it for generations as a sweetener. It does contain a bit of a bitter aftertaste that will not be noticeable in a smoothie however.

The second thing you can do to help your kids drink their green smoothies is simply make them not green. Use strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, or red grapes as your base fruit. Toss in a banana and mango, pear or pineapple if additional sweetness is needed. I would use more spinach than kale or collard green because those tend to add a dark green hue to the smoothie which means it will come out a brownish shade rather than purple.

If you really want to crank up the sweet flavor and purple color put in one or two tablespoons of grape concentrate (organic) in the smoothie maker and you now will have a purple smoothie mix that is super sweet. Be certain to shop for nothing but organic concentrate without any added ingredients like organic cane sugar or organic pineapple cane. Those nothing more than processed sugar made from organic fruit.

To speed things up you can get some ice trays and freeze the concentrate so you have a a pre-made source the moment they are needed.

These hints should certainly go along way in getting your kids to change their attitude about enjoying green smoothies. Plus, you can use these same strategies on anyone who is reluctant to try your nutritious drinks. They will never need to learn the mega amounts of healthy vegetables and fruits contained in every serving. They'll likely think they are indeed drinking a delightful sugary beverage. I think you are going to appreciate the results if you give these ideas a try.

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